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Welcome to the Penguin Web Solutions website

'Use the Internet, it's here to stay'.  This article, from USA Today in 2002, is just as relevant now for the U.K., and highlights the benefits of the Internet and of having a website for your business or organisation.  The Internet is the preferred medium of today for advertising and information.

Penguin Web Solutions specialises in Website Design for small businesses and organisations.  We offer consultancy and custom design of websites ranging from simple straightforward sites through to more complex sites.  For example, a site for a small business may require a shopping basket facility and many pictures, sites for some organisations may require event diaries, newsletters and discussion forums.  Such sites are generally static in style, unlike the sites of companies whose dynamic sites look like commercials on the Internet! 

Penguin Web Solutions also has considerable experience in rebuilding websites that are either no longer supported by the original designers or, as is very often the case, just fail to work properly.

We believe that a good customer relationship is essential to the production of a successful website.  To discuss your requirements please contact us initially by e-mail at Penguin Web Solutions, by telephone or post, for details see the 'Contact us' page.

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